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Weird Cricket Rules Every Fantasy Cricket Player has to Follow

Throughout the world, millions of people follow cricket. Because of the huge popularity of the game, fantasy cricket games are also growing in huge demand. If you want to play fantasy games in Bangladesh, you can download the best fantasy sports gaming platform in Bangladesh and start playing over that platform. Due to a large number of spectators, an enjoyable session can only be achieved if all game rules are understood by all participants. It’s a game where Rules and Numbers hold power. If you weren’t aware, there are 42 major laws of cricket, each of which has a number of supplementary laws. Cricket has a lot of regulations, but some of them are just plain strange, and that is what drives people absolutely insane.

In this article, we will take you through some of the most unknown and weird rules that are actually there in a game.

Appealing is Must

Even though it doesn’t happen often, the umpire cannot declare the batsman out if the bowlers and fielders don’t appeal. Yes, the umpire cannot declare the batsmen out in accordance with the regulations which means if the team has not appealed but the umpire considers the wicket, he can’t do that. Because of this reason, appealing is a must..

Fake Fielding Rule

This regulation states that a fielder is guilty of “false fielding” if his or her actions give the idea that they have the ball even when they have not properly collected it, which prohibits the batsmen from scoring runs. For such conduct, the fielding team might well be assessed a 5-run penalty. This regulation was created to promote fair play by preventing the fielding teams from duping the batsmen.

The 3-Minute Rule

Even the most ardent cricket fans are unaware of the three-minute rule. This rule states that a batsman has 180 seconds in total to enter the field following the fall of a wicket. The umpire has the ability to declare a batsman injured if he is late and to call the next batsman in. Only because of this rule, the game doesn’t have to be stopped for an extended period of time until the next batsman is ready to enter the field.

If the ball is stopped by any Obstacle on the Ground, it will be considered Boundary

It won’t be deemed as a boundary if a batsman strikes a shot and the ball is stopped by a dog or bird that just so happens to land on the ground at the ideal moment. But in order for an immovable obstruction, like a tree, to be regarded as a border, the two captains and the umpires must also agree. In case you were wondering, no bounce is required for the ball to contact the tree in order for it to be deemed a six. It is merely regarded as a boundary.

Match Can be Played Without the Bails

In cricket, each set of a wicket consists of 3 stumps and 2 bails. In the event that the stumps are struck by the ball or the batsman and the bails are displaced, the batsman is considered out. However, there have been a few uncommon occurrences in cricket where the fielding circumstances prevented the placement of the bails on the stumps. conditions such as excessive wind. In this type of case, the umpires have the discretion to continue the game without the bails.

Well, cricket is a game full of rules and these were some which were undoubtedly weird but somehow these rules are still followed. Even if you play fantasy cricket in Bangladesh, you would see that while playing the game, you have to adhere to some gaming rules.

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