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5 Ugly Fantasy Cricket Clashes Witnesses in the History of Cricket

Cricket is referred to as a gentleman’s game. But still, if we talk about fantasy cricket in Bangladesh or in any other part of the world, there have been situations, though, where playing was more intense and less gentlemanly. As a result of laws in the rule book being broken, things at times get out of our control. The instances described here might not be the best representations of the spirit of cricket. However, they unquestionably serve as excellent representations of what Spirit of Quality entertainment is all about.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most brutal brawls that have ever occurred on a cricket field for you to peruse.

Marlon Samuels vs Shane Warne

The Big Bash League’s one of the seasons included a violent altercation between West Indian batsman Marlon Samuels and Australian spinner Shane Warne. Samuels got into trouble earlier in the game as he unexpectedly seized David Hussey as the player attempted to make a second run. Warne made sure Samuels knew his inappropriate behaviour and assured him that he would not soon forget this unpleasant episode. This included yet another instance of shirt-grabbing, finger-pointing, ball-throwing, and bat-throwing by Samuels at Warne.

Kamran Akmal vs Ishant Sharma

Following a heated altercation during the opening T20 international in Bangalore, Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal and Ishant Sharma were fined. Both cricketers got into an argument during the game when the latter was called not out after being grabbed off a no-ball by Ishant Sharma and was out on the following delivery. Both players were soon spotted shouting a few harsh remarks at each other.

Suleiman Benn vs Brad Haddin

This next brawl is between former Australian wicket-keeper Brad Haddin and West Indies spinner Suleiman Benn. Mitchell Johnson was attempting to grab a run when Benn and Johnson got into a physical altercation. Brad Haddin, who was near the striker’s end, yelled at Benn and pointed his bat in his direction. Benn, who was offended and embarrassed, got into a verbal altercation with the two Australian batsmen and also physically pushed them. Because of this action, Benn was given a game suspension by the match official, while Brad Haddin received a 25% fine for breaking Level 1 Code of Conduct.

Glenn McGrath vs Ramnaresh Sarwan

During Australia’s 2003 tour of the Caribbean, the best ever run chase in Test Cricket in Antigua was marred by one of cricket’s most repulsive events. A disgruntled McGrath said a few unkind things, and after Sarwan responded by joking about McGrath’s wife, a terrible incident occurred that was extensively reported. Sarwan was fully unaware of the serious illness that McGrath’s wife was experiencing at the time. Clearly hurt by Sarwan’s flippant riposte, a visibly upset McGrath reacted angrily.

David Warner vs Quinton De Kock

During the test series in 2018, Australian starting quarterback David Warner got into a physical altercation with South African keeper Quinton De Kock. Due to Aiden Markram’s poor judgement in calling, AB De Villiers lost his wicket in a run out. Due to the Australians’ increased motivation, Warner attacked De Kock and made disparaging remarks about his mother and sister in an effort to frighten the new batsman. De Kock responded to Warner in his own way before heading back to the changing area. Warner, though, didn’t handle it politely.


Cricket is full of entertainment and drama. So, experience something like this in this game is not a new thing. If you prefer playing cricket fantasy games in Bangladesh, then you can check out some of the top-rated cricket fantasy apps and choose a platform where you want to play with your own dream team.

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