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Unknown Fantasy Cricket Facts Every Player in Bangladesh Should Know

Cricket has become the most watched sport in the subcontinent for a reason, because it is rife with ambiguities and unexpected turns. Also, while playing fantasy cricket in Bangladesh, you start to perspire and experience goosebumps because of the excitement and anticipation that surround each ball. People pack their seats tightly and wait for their favorite player to wow the field with outstanding performances. Fans are constantly curious to learn fascinating details about the gentleman’s game and go to great lengths to research and memories fascinating information about cricket and cricketers.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of astounding cricket facts that you might not be aware of.

Fantasy Cricket has it Own Perks

Fantasy cricket can be seen as a projection of what takes place on the pitch. For instance, the scorecard is significantly responsible for the points the participants receive. However, your starting lineup and the lineups chosen by the other two teams differ greatly. You have the choice of choosing individuals from both teams to start. Choose players based on each team’s strengths such that your starting XI seldom has any weaknesses. Additionally, you must select a minimum of one player from each kind — a wicketkeeper, batsman, bowler, and all-rounder. A conventional cricket team typically consists of a wicketkeeper, approximately the same number of bowlers as bowlers, and 4-5 specialised hitters. There are no such limitations for your fantasy team. Your starting XI may feature up to 4 wicketkeepers, including any part-timers. Depending on the situation, you can decide to select a squad with four or five all-rounders rather than many specialist batters or bowlers.

Fact Behind the logo of 1999 Cricket World Cup

The logo for the UK-hosted 1999 Cricket World Cup included a bowling motion. Debashis Mohanty, an Indian new ball bowler who opened delivering for India with Venkatesh Prasad in that tournament, was the only inspiration for the design. He had great potential as a quick bowler. After all, his deed was commendable enough to serve as the model for the World Cup’s logo. However, injuries as well as a lack of playing time ended his career prematurely.

Longest Cricket Match was Player for 14 Days

Can you name any cricket match that were played with the most tension at a particular time? Cricket matches in England can frequently drag on for hours, especially when breaks are taken frequently due to the unpredictable British weather. An English vs. South African game in 1939 featured as one of the oldest and longest cricket match ever played. The game was played at a stretch of 14 days. In addition, since the British ship had departed to transport the players home, the game had to be called a draw.

Only Team England Has Completed more than 1000 Test Matches

A cricket test match typically lasts 5 days and features four innings, in which all players alternately bat to score runs while the opponent tries to bowl them out. More than 1,000 cricket tests have been played worldwide by the British cricket team.

Tendulkar’s Test Records are Equal as Cook and Clark

Little did anybody realise that when Michael Clarke of Australia and Alistair Cook of England combined their figures, it came out to be the combined test career statistics of Sachin Tendulkar, even though they were yet short on the overall runs scored.

Tendulkar Became the First Player to get Dismissed via a Third Umpire

In cricket history, Sachin will be known for a number of records that may eventually be challenged, however this is one that can’t be challenged. The 3rd Umpire used a television replay to remove Sachin, making him the first cricketer ever to do so. On November 14th, 1992, Sachin only had 11 runs scored when Karl Liebenberg gave him the run out. India, which was making its first trip to South Africa, faced South Africa in the game.


Well, these are some of the unknown cricket facts that might change your perspective about the game and also how the game has evolved with time. Be it fantasy cricket or fantasy football in Bangladesh, every game has their own unknown facts which will tell more and more about the game.

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