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Team Formation and Tactical Insights into a Fantasy Football Game plan

Fantasy Football Bangladesh offers an interactive platform and a virtual football-playing experience. Users can showcase their team management and decision-making skills. You can download and play fantasy football at 11 Wickets. It is the best fantasy gaming app in Bangladesh for fantasy sports.

Football is about speed and excitement. It is fun-filled, thrilling, and captivating. Explore various team formations and compositions with us to succeed in fantasy football and win big money. Team formation has a direct correlation with performance and success.

Keep a tab on the latest updates and news, expert insights, and various player formations. The player formation is critical for your fantasy football performance. No specific team formation can guarantee success, but understanding the match dynamics, roles of the players, and interactions can help you decide the team formation of your fantasy team.

Various football team formations on fantasy football websites

Let us explore the team formations that can lead to a significant impact on your fantasy team performance. Midfielders play a crucial role in the team formation. They can attack by moving up or assisting through passes and crosses. They can contribute to the defense by coming down.

4-3-3 Team Formation

It is an attacking formation because the three midfielders and three strikers work complementarily to each other.


• It is an attacking formation because you choose to go with three strikers/forwards.
• It allows a strong presence in the final third to lead the attack with three forwards.
• This team formation will produce more goals and assists.
• It has all the ingredients to promote fantasy points.


• Your focus is on the attack, with three midfielders and three forwards.
• It may make the defense vulnerable.
• Your team can concede goals in this team formation.
• Defenders may not keep the clean sheets for long
• It may be difficult for you to win defense bonus points

4-4-2 Team Formation

It is a balanced formation focusing on more goal-scoring and assists opportunities from the midfielders.


• You choose to go with four midfielders
• It offers a balance between the attack and the defense
• With four defenders, the looks stable and solid
• Four midfielders can contribute to goals and assist
• It can increase your goals fantasy points and the assist fantasy points
• Two forwards can provide consistent goal-scoring opportunities


• One forward short may reduce the number of goal-scoring opportunities to the 4-3-3 team formation.
• The defense in the team formation is stable, with four defenders and four midfielders
• Midfielders can complement the defenders but will have difficulty finding forwards near the box.
• The midfielders may have to move up to score goals or assist the two forwards scoring goals.
• It may reduce the number of attacking returns from the defenders.

3-4-3 Formation

This team formation offers a potential attacking force.


You have four midfielders supporting three forwards. The extra midfielder can contribute to goals and assists.


• The defense is weaker with three men.
• The defense formation could be vulnerable for the team to save goals from conceding against attack from the opposition.
• More forwards in the opposition can create more damage to the defense.
• It is where you need to build your composition after knowing the opposition’s team formation.
• Defenders might have limited opportunities to earn you fantasy points from defense and clean sheet contributions.

3-5-2 Team Formation

This one, too, is an attacking formation with more midfielder presence.


• With two extra midfielders instead of a 3-midfielder setup, this setup provides a strong midfield position for your team.
• These midfielders can contribute to goals and assists and win fantasy points.
• Two additional midfielders can keep a clean sheet and win bonus points


• The defense is not that strong and is vulnerable to the opposition’s attack
• Three defenders may not have a clean sheet for long and cannot win fantasy points for defense

5-3-2 Team Formation

This team formation is defense-heavy and less attacking. It will have fewer goal-scoring opportunities and attacking fantasy points. Typically, we have this team formation in the last leg of the game when you have a lead when the game is about to end.


• This defense-heavy 5-defender team formation emphasizes a rock-solid defense setup.
• This team formation can win you a clean sheet and defensive points with a bonus.


• This team formation lacks the attack having two forwards, and three midfielders
• It has lesser goal scoring opportunities and points
• Midfielders can contribute to goal scoring, but because of less forward, they might have scoring goals themselves


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