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Strategies to Win Big Money from Fantasy Cricket Apps

Fantasy cricket app Bangladesh have brought money-making that has never been this easy. Aim to earn daily fantasy cash every day in real life, in the comfort of your home. Download the 11 Wickets Fantasy app and start playing fantasy game Bangladesh around the clock. We have collated a few tips to help you win that big jackpot on 11 Wickets.

Benefits of playing fantasy cricket leagues

India is a nation of cricket fans. Fantasy cricket is an opportunity to leverage your cricket knowledge and exercise your brain cells to win money daily. The excitement of winning and the challenges are thrilling and give you a rush of adrenaline.

Learn why you should play daily fantasy cricket:

  • Opportunity to gain more knowledge about the sport
  • Display your cricketing skills and acumen
  • Network with a social community of like-minded sports lovers
  • Engage and make matches more thrilling for you and your competitor
  • Grab the opportunity to win attractive cash prizes and in kind
  • You can win bragging rights with your friends and colleagues

Tips and tricks to win that big jackpot on 11 Wickets

Beat your competitors in points in a game of wit, skill, knowledge, awareness, and strategy. Here is your chance to maximize your winnings like other fantasy game players worldwide.

Do not play all the games.

If you are attempting all the games on the app, stop doing that. Only play those games that you have researched and have a fair amount of knowledge about the game and players.

Do not play all the matches at once

If you are playing all matches at once, stop. Always plan in parts. You can keep most players from the current cricket match and some for later.

Invest wisely and smartly.

Avoid the temptation of pledging all your money to a single game. Divide your investments wisely into small parts. You can spend Rs 2000 per month on fantasy cricket by investing Rs 200 per game. But it is not a wise investment because investing in more games translates into more opportunities for winning.

Do not rush to join leagues.

Join leagues 30- 40 minutes before the deadline. Try to join 13- 15 hours before the deadline. This process will let you plan for contingencies, like injuries or sudden squad changes.

Captain and vice-captain

In most games, make an all-rounder than your captain and a premium batsman or bowler as vice-captain. The captain and vice-captain get you 2x and 1.5x times their points.

Steps to play leagues and grand leagues

We recommend starting with 2 to 4-member leagues with one team. Avoid playing a grand or above 10-member league with one team.
Making multiple teams is good practice when you play a grand or above 10-member league.
Focus only on one series at a time for the grand cricket league. Play it for all the matches of a series. Do not be picky about the cricket matches while playing that.

Heavy investment scenarios

When you have made the heavy investment, you must choose a 2-to-3-member league. Your opposition will not take risks and select the team carefully because of making an enormous investment.

Small investment leagues

Your chances of losing are higher when your investment is low in a league. It is because opponents investing less money will not hesitate to take risks on wildcard players.
Ensure you play only Head- 2- Head games, three or four-member contests because the chances of winnings are high and competition is low.

Research before starting

Before playing, research the most likely playing 11, weather, pitch, ground conditions, and report. Always do extensive deep research on players’ stats for that ground, opposition, and performances in the previous matches.

Slow investment strategy

Do not invest more initially. First, play in minor leagues or leagues with fewer entry fees. Do not get bogged down or feel demotivated by losing initially. Once you win over Rs 1000 with that small investment, use that money to reinvest and enter higher-requirement leagues.

Do not build teams from YouTube suggestions.

Avoid building fantasy squads based on YouTube videos or apps. Use your instinct. Think differently. Have confidence and trust in your knowledge and skill. Always base your decisions on research and data regarding the forms of teams and players.

Create more teams to increase your winning chances.

Check how many cricket teams the app allows you to create per account. If you get six cricket teams, you can have at least 12 with two app accounts. It will create more chances of winning.

Low competition app is the key.

Identify the low-level competitors based on the credit score or captain and Vice-captain that you have chosen. Try to play on an app having a low user base, hence, less competition.

Anticipate the player’s performance.

It is common to see players performing in one match not perform well in the next. Similarly, a player in excellent form who does not win one cricket match is likely in the next. Also, an in-form player will always perform against a weak opponent.

Save money to invest in all-rounders.

Spend on all-rounders for your team. The more all-rounder, the better. Players like Shane Watson, Cameron Green, Hardik Pandya, or Ben Stokes will score points by ball or bat. They will bowl their quota of overs. They bat at the top of the order. Most all-rounders are great fielders.

Play domestic leagues to hone your skills.

Do play domestic leagues from other countries. Research and know more about those players. Usually, players play in many domestic cricket leagues. If you observe one player’s performance in one, you can use it in the other. Give more preferences to the players from the home team in international matches. Home players know the conditions and nuances and are used to playing on their home grounds.

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