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Fielding Positions Fantasy cricket players in Bangladesh Should Know

It’s pretty much common that cricket is Bangladesh’s one of the most popular sport, and fantasy cricket apps in Bangladesh has firmly established itself in the public’s attention as well. You might not recall what you ate for breakfast, but you can figure out any fielding position on a cricket pitch with your eyes closed. Having knowledge about the fielding positions would help users to select proper players to set up their dream team.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the fielding positions that every fantasy cricket player should be aware of.


The slip is a spot on the offside of the wicketkeeper. Slip also has a position on the leg side as well, which is known as the leg slip, although it is not a common occurrence. One can witness several slips in the slip zone. The first slip, which is closest to the keeper, usually stands the furthest behind the stumps, while the second, third, and subsequent slips form an arc. Except for the bowler and wicketkeeper, there might be as many as nine slips.

Mid-off and Mid-on

Mid-off and Mid-on are the midway positions on the bowler’s left and right sides of the fence. The words mid-off and mid-on are derived from the terms ‘middle wicket off’ and ‘middle wicket on,’ which were previously used to describe these positions. This is a more offensive zone that is crucial, particularly in the game’s longest format.

Third Man

The Third Man is usually kept to safeguard the boundary, but bowlers are increasingly opting for a more aggressive approach these days, keeping it on the 30-yard circle between slips and gully. Bowlers can also shift the third man finer or squarer depending on the situation. In cricket, batsmen gliding the quick bowlers to the third man for a single is a common sight that can be witnessed in most of the games.


A gully is a small canal or gully that is frequently utilised to close the gap between the slide and the point. It’s a bowling position as well as a rescue position. This fielding position is not much required in limited over matches but is mandatory in Test cricket.


This position is one of the most important positions in the field. As fielding at “point” necessitates quick reflexes, each team assign their best fielders to this position. There are several variants of this posture, but the most well-known of is the backward point. It’s on the backside of the popping crease at the striker’s end, near the 30-yard circle. There is also a position called forward point, however, it is rarely utilised.


The space between mid-on and square-leg in the inner circle is known as midwicket. Consider this location to be the inverse of the cover region on the offside. Short midwicket is a variant that is closer to the batsman, although it has no strategic benefit and is often avoided.


Fielding positions are an important part of every cricket game. So, as now you are aware of some of those positions, start making your own dream team and get indulge with some of the fantasy games in Bangladesh.

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