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Easy Ways To Earn Money From A Fantasy App in Bangladesh!

Are you seeking easy ways to earn money from a fantasy app in Bangladesh? You are on the right page! Playing cricket and earning money on fantasy cricket apps have become the new trend, especially amongst passionate cricket lovers. While some are aware of the ways to win big on a fantasy cricket site in Bangladesh, many others are still struggling to earn some money playing their favorite sport on a fantasy app.

Having that said, this blog can be of great help to those struggling to win cash prizes or rewards on a fantasy app. That’s mainly because this blog enlists the top strategies to earn money playing fantasy cricket on an app or online site. Read till the end to explore what it takes to make easy money on a fantasy cricket app!

How to start playing cricket on a fantasy app?

If you have just entered the fantasy cricket world without any knowledge of the game, you must be wondering about how to get started on a fantasy cricket site or app. No worries!

Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Download a trusted and top-ranked fantasy cricket app
  • Select an upcoming contest to play
  • Build your team of 11 players
  • Deposit the required amount to join contests
  • Track the leaderboard information once a match starts

How to earn money on a fantasy sports app?

Although there are several ways to earn money on a fantasy app in Bangladesh, below are the ones topping the list. Read the points carefully as these strategies can help you win big in all the upcoming fantasy cricket contests.

1.Use a Trusted App

The first and most important step toward earning money by playing fantasy cricket is using a trusted and top-ranked app. That’s mainly because good fantasy cricket apps and sites allow their users to modify their teams even after the toss while other apps close the entries 1 hour before an official match starts. The toss is usually done 30 minutes before a match starts. And being able to modify a team after the toss helps users to predict the best players.

2.Start with Small Investments

To increase your chances of winning fantasy cricket contests and earning easy money, it’s always the best idea to start with small investments. That’s because the chances of spotting the first position and winning big rewards remain very low when playing a contest with thousands of players. Join small contests with 10-20 members. After all, beating 9 competitors is much easier than beating 9000 other players. Also, ensure to play confirmed contests since these contests don’t get canceled even if the spots are not 100% filled.

3. Explore an App’s Point Structure

Every app and fantasy cricket site in Bangladesh features a point structure that includes batting, bowling, and fielding points. However, while some apps give more weightage to batting points, some give importance to bowling points. A few others give weightage to fielding points or match points. To win contests and earn money easily, you must learn the point structure of the fantasy cricket app you have been using. And then select players for your team dispensing on the app’s point structure!

4.Select Your Team Captains Wisely

Needless to say, the captain and the vice-captain are the star players of any cricket match, and fantasy cricket is no exception. In most fantasy sports apps, captains earn 2x points and vice-captain earns 1.5x points. That means if a player earns 10 points, the same player marked as captain will earn 20 points. Hope, it’s clearly evident how important a captain or vice-captain is for a fantasy cricket match.

5.Referral Earnings

All fantasy cricket apps feature a referral program offering bonuses to users for referring the app to friends or relatives. However, a user earns the bonus amount only when his/her friends join the app. So, if you want to earn easy money without playing, start sharing your referral link on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. And as soon as your friends start joining the app, you get a chance to earn free money.

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn the best ways to earn easy money playing cricket on an app or fantasy cricket site in Bangladesh.

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