Fantasy Premier League

Guide to Playing Fantasy Premier League in Bangladesh!

Are you a virtual gaming enthusiast, looking to start playing a fantasy premier league in Bangladesh? You are at the right place! Read till the end to explore all that you need to know about getting started in the game.

If you are a cricket fanatic, you must already be knowing about the game. However, if you are a non-fan, curious to learn about the game and enter into the virtual game world, we are here to help.

Fantasy Premier League, also referred to as FPL, is a worldwide popular fantasy game that involves players creating an imaginary team of real-life footballers based on their field performances. Over the years, this virtual sports game has cemented skyrocketing success and popularity.

Now that you have a brief of what FPL is all about, let’s delve into the next section that covers how to play the game in Bangladesh.

How to play FPL in Bangladesh?

For those set to play fantasy football in Bangladesh for the first time, here are a few steps you must be acquainted with:

  • Download a top-rated fantasy game app or register on a trusted FPL site. Once registered and opened an account, choose a team name to start playing the game.
  • Select a squad of 15 players based on their performances for their clubs in premier league matches.
  • Once you have a team in place, it’s time to watch your players catch, run, pass, and score touchdowns since all these aspects will help you earn fantasy points.
  • Ensure to be aware of the special chips you have earned. It’s important because these chips act as a score booster if used rightly.
  • Lastly, make sure to take calculated decisions on parameters like cost structures, UX/UI design, revenue streams, team building, customer relations, legal, etc., since these factors can decide your success or failure in the game.

Is playing FPL worth it?

Well, the gigantic popularity of fantasy football across the globe reveals the inevitable fact that if you start playing the game once, you can find it hard to stop playing it. Yes, it’s a fun and exciting game that allows users to understand football deeply and also fulfill their football fantasies.

With fantasy football gaming, you can enhance your footballing skills while earning lucrative rewards and cash prizes at the same time. Not only that but you may even earn additional bonus points for performing well in a match.

Hopefully, it’s enough to understand that playing a fantasy premier league in Bangladesh is undeniably worth it!

Tips to Remember

Now that you are acquainted with what is FPL, how to play it, and whether is it worth playing, let’s take a look at some essential tips to earn big in the game.

➔Avoid selecting two expensive goalkeepers since only one of them will be able to play the game each week. It’s more of a smart idea to select one of the cheapest goalkeepers as your backup.

➔Next, try to build a strong bench. That said, it’s always wise to have at least two decent players on your bench apart from your goalkeeper. After all, it’s common for football players to unexpectedly get injured or dropped during a match.

➔The prices of players in FPL contests keep ascending or descending according to their popularity in the FPL community. To beat the price rise and stay within your set budget, it’s best to book a player in advance by making an early transfer.

➔The next important point to note is team changes. Making team changes is as important as beating price rises. To make changes that can help you win the game, you must wait until the last possible moment. This will help you get the latest injury reports, letting you make an informed decision.

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn a lot about what FPL is all about, how to enter the virtual world and play fantasy football in Bangladesh, as well as important tips to remember while playing it. So, what’s the wait for? Register yourself on a trusted FPL site right away and get started with playing the game!

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