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Tricks to Help you Earn More Cash In Online Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy sports is quite a huge online gaming platform popular all over the world. The popularity of fantasy sports began in the United States, and it continues to grow with each passing day. Fantasy cricket is basically a digital version of cricket in which users can create a virtual team of real players for an upcoming match and then receive points based on how these players perform on match day. Bangladesh is a cricket-loving country, as most of us are well aware. Fantasy cricket, not unexpectedly, has garnered a large following in Bangladesh too, and this type of sport has resulted in the emergence of lucrative prospects for both fans and devotees of the game. It’s simple to participate in a cricket fantasy league. All you have to do is visit a fantasy cricket site in Bangladesh, pick an upcoming cricket match, create your own virtual squad of 11 players, deposit a minimal amount of match fees and get into the contest

But, also in this game, to win you have to utilize your knowledge and create strategies. So, today we are going to introduce to you some intriguing tips about fantasy cricket that can help you make a profit in these games.

Firstly, Understand the Overall Points System

Every fantasy cricket app has its own set of point systems. Some give greater weight to batting points like runs, half-centuries, and so on, while others give more weight to bowling points like wickets, maiden overs, and so on. Some online fantasy games have a point system that balances bowling, batting, and fielding. In addition, some apps differentiate between T20, ODI, and Test matches. Choose relevant players based on the match and the app’s point structure.

Always Choose your Key Players Cautiously

Most of the online fantasy cricket platforms allow users to select a captain and vice-captain for their dream team. The score rises when you choose a captain or vice-captain. A captain receives double the points as a regular player, and a vice-captain receives 1.5 times the points as a regular player. Make sure to look at the players’ previous performances while choosing your team’s captain or vice-captain.

Stay Updated on Each Player’s Performances

While indulging in fantasy cricket, one of the most crucial elements to consider is how well a cricketer has been performing. As enamoured as we may be of our favourite cricketers, it is strongly advised that you select your players based on their recent performance rather than their lifetime records. This is because how much you earn will be purely determined by how the players perform on the match day. Although it is stated that form is fleeting and class is eternal, form has a higher impact on your prospective earnings in a specific cricket match.

Go for Optional Teams

Picking the best athletes should always be the motto, but sometimes it also puts a significant impact on your chances of winning. You should also think about making several teams, and having a higher number of all-rounders boosts your team’s chances of winning because these players will score points for both batting and bowling. Additionally, choosing top-order batsmen is an efficient approach to significantly boost your revenue because they will naturally score more runs.

Try Referring More and More

If you are well aware of fantasy cricket apps, you might then know about their referral programs. Some platforms offer a minimum amount of referral bonus and some offer a greater bonus based on the suggested member’s involvement. You can earn extra money on your fantasy cricket platform by referring additional individuals to the platform by posting the referral link on your social networking sites. The main motto is, the more participants join the platform via your referral link, the more money you earn.

Keep these tips in mind while making your team and with time and a bit of practice, you will definitely excel in the online world of fantasy cricket.

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