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Important Umpire Signals Every Fantasy Cricket Fan Should Know

Cricket is regarded among the most challenging sports to master. This is due to the type of rules and regulations that it has, rather than how it is played. Take, for example, a dismissal via Catch. It entails contact between the bat and the ball before it is caught by a fielder. Even if the touch is minor, the value remains the same- one full wicket.

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Top 5 Leading Wicket-Takers in the History of Indian T20 League

The Indian T20 League is currently the world’s most popular T20 franchise league. Although the shortest version of the game encourages aggressive Stroke play and big-hitting batsman, a wicket-taker is always a valuable addition to any T20 team. Bowling your way to the top of the Indian T20 League is always a matter of quality. This league is also one of the most popular fantasy premier leagues in Bangladesh.

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Peculiar Fantasy Cricket Controversies that Shocked the Whole World

Every few years, controversies will erupt over the game of cricket. Test match cricket’s survival has been put into doubt on several occasions, but the game has always come out on top. Cricket’s reputation as a gentleman’s game stems from the sport’s long and illustrious history. However, the game has shown its bleak side throughout the years, whether due to ball-tampering, match-fixing, or even a fight between players and referees.

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Top 5 Bowlers with Most Number of Wickets in the History of ODI’s

In one-day international cricket, a bowler can only bowl a maximum of 10 overs in each match. As there are more overs in an ODI contest than in a T20 match, bowlers are more likely to take up more wickets. Many bowlers in the history of ODI cricket have successfully bagged a large number of wickets over their careers. So far in ODIs, Wasim Akram, Muttiah Muralitharan, and Waqar Younis are the top-three wicket-takers.

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5 Bowlers Who Successfully Set the Record for the Fastest Bowling

Cricket is frequently referred to as a batsman’s game. Despite shorter boundaries and larger bats that help to make things easier for the player, bowlers rarely have the upper hand. Many fast bowlers have established a reputation for themselves in the past by using only a handful of their weapons, such as swing, pace, and bounce.

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