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How To Win a Fantasy Game Bangladesh?

Here is your last opportunity to get the cash register ringing with 20-odd upcoming matches.

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The question remains, what should be your strategy to build a virtual cricket team that earns points?

The next question is how will you gauge which player will be a hit and which will be a miss today?

If you have all the players firing all guns, that is great. But this sounds far from the reality. Can we turn this into a reality where all players in my team are performing?

If you visit the fantasy cricket site Bangladesh, you will see some guys are making all the money. Can you be one of them? Don’t you want to know? Hell, yes! That’s cool.

You can win crores in some fantasy sports apps. You must know the trick.

So, let’s delve into it.

Know your strategy and apply it, too.

Knowing a strategy is far easy than applying it. If you do not understand how to use a grand scheme that you come across, it will trip you up in the game. Everything boils down to the players on the field and if they can make the hay while the sun shines.

Aim for 2x & 1.5x points

First thing first, selection of the captain and vice-captain, because if they get going, you get about 2x and 1.5x points times their scores, respectively. For example, if the captain hits a tone, you get 2x = 200 points straightaway, same for the vice-captain. Do not always go for big names because if they are out of touch, put your bet on the player in good nick.

Do not include flop players.

Don’t add out-of-form players to your team, even if they are the biggest names in the game. For example, I wouldn’t fall for Yuvraj Singh if I doubted his form. If you add in-form players, you can cover all losses from minor leagues, and if you can crack 1 or 2 Grands, your profit will be skyrocketing.

Start with perfect team building.

When you build a squad, you can see the face of the player.

Click on the face. It will display the detailed performance of the last matches played in the tournament. Check the selection ratio and credit scores on the previous three games. If the selection score is over 90 and the credit score is over 9, miss the player from the team.

Strategy 2

In our last strategy, we considered two players, Faf du Plessis, and Rituraj Gaikwad, and based on their selection and credit points; we made our strategy whether to add the players to the team or miss them.

Let us take a different strategy based on which you must add or miss the player. In this strategy, we will take players who are not doing well and how to decide whether we should add them or give them a miss.

Let us take Kyle Mayers and Ajinkya Rahane as the two players to build our strategy.

Below are Kyle Mayers’ statistics in three matches against Bangalore, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

Score points 2, 40, and 73
Credit Points 7, 7, and 7.5.
Selection points are 82.42%, 76.7%, and 69.73%.

As you can see, he did not play well in the first two matches but played well in the last game.

Below are Ajinkya Rahane’s statistics in three matches against Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

Score points 58, 21, and 105
Credit Points 7, 7, and 7.5
Selection points 56.26%, 66.08%, and 59.92%

Selection points represent what percentage of teams have selected the player.

Now let us take another set of players, Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya.

For Suryakumar, in two matches against Pune and Kolkata, credit points dipped from 9 to 8.5. Scoring points rose from 2 to 67. The selection ratio of 68.86% has come down to 58.03%.

For Hardik Pandya, in two matches against Punjab and Rajasthan, credit points dipped from 9 to 8.5, scoring points rose from 13 to 66, and selection points rose from 66.49% to 73.66%.

Bottom Line

If credit points are dipping, include the players in the team, and when the credit points are rising, avoid the players. Same with selection ratios. When selection ratios are dropping, then add those players to your team. If the selection ratio is rising, avoid those players.

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