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Fantasy Sports Bangladesh–An Overview

Bangladesh is a cricket-frenowned nation. Bangladesh loves cricket and football. The popularity of fantasy cricket apps in Bangladesh, such as 11 Wickets, has catapulted fantasy sports in Bangladesh onto the global sports map. It provides fantasy cricket and football for Bangladeshi sports enthusiasts.

Growth of fantasy sports Bangladesh

Fantasy sports industry in Bangladesh have gained a strong foothold in the global fantasy sports market. It has contributed to the expansion of sports infrastructure and ecosystem in Bangladesh. The expansion drove subscribers and users to join the fantasy sports platforms and increase viewership.

Reasons for the growth

The lower data cost and smartphone penetration have brought the fantasy sports industry within the reach of teenagers. Fantasy sports have come of age with the help of augmented and virtual reality applications.

The platform engages the users as team managers who decide everything about their teams. It has transformed the spectatorship in the stands or front of the TV into a meaningful role. It has empowered the users to make strategic decisions based on real-world sports knowledge and experience.

Live streaming ensured a continuous flow of sporting content over traditional and new-age mediums. It has improved sports engagement, leading to higher viewership. It attracted more sponsorships and overall growth of the online sports ecosystem in Bangladesh.

The growing popularity of sporting leagues in smaller cities and towns contributes much to the growth of fantasy sports in Bangladesh. Rising media digitization, simplified digital payment system, and affordable smartphones aid the growth.

Job creation

Fantasy industry operators encourage a symbiotic relationship with the sporting industry. It can create new jobs in AI, ML, and data analytics, contributing to a mutual expansion and growth of digital sports and the Bangladeshi sports ecosystem.

The fantasy sports industry collaborates with Bangladeshi sporting leagues. They engage in partnerships and sponsorships, and brand ambassadors. It has integrated fantasy sports into the Bangladeshi sports industry. Investment in sports infrastructure helps to popularize Bangladeshi sports and players. It adds to the viewership of regional sports and ushering Bangladeshi sports into a rich multi-sports ecosystem.

The success of Bangladesh Premier League

The lucrative success of T20 tournaments has launched many T20 Bangladesh premier leagues and tournaments. In other parts of the world, the Big Bash League in Australia, the Caribbean Premier League, and the Super Smash League in New Zealand are the prime ones.

Bangladesh fantasy sports and Bangladesh sports

Fantasy sports and real-life sports like cricket share a symbiotic relationship. Digital sports engagement platforms promote the consumption and viewership of sports. People will watch a wider variety of sports. Thus, leading to the popularization of sporting culture, generating more investment and commerce.

In fantasy sports, adopting new sports expands investment opportunities. It leads to sports infrastructure development, athlete promotion, and coach promotion. Fantasy Sports helps promote a multi-sport ecosystem using its digital sports engagement platforms.

Fantasy sports for newcomers

The digital capabilities of Fantasy Sport boost active user participation, interaction, and decision-making. These digital engagement platforms embrace real-life sporting events. The subscribers of the digital platforms build virtual squads with proxies of actual players from the upcoming live match or a match day. They can build and submit the squad before the start of the match. Once the match begins, the team gets locked in and frozen. No further changes to the team are possible.

Subscribers’ role in fantasy sports platforms

The subscribers compete with virtual teams of other subscribers. The contest is about the actual performance of the players whose proxies form teams for an officially sanctioned sports match.

The subscribers emulate the roles of the owner, coach, and manager, as found in real-life team scenarios. He possesses the right and the power to recruit, drop, or trade the players on the team.

More excitement and engagement from fantasy sports

It is a deeper and more immersive engagement with the sports for the subscribers. The user role as a mere viewer ceases to exist, and a more challenging and engaging role emerges beyond just viewership. For them, a sense of competition, challenges, strategies, and thrill can win real money based on the match outcome.

Value Propositions and unique selling point

Fantasy sports offer a unique and distinct value proposition and are a fine pasture for investment opportunities. The value proposition relies on real-life sporting events, not chance or luck. Hence, it does not fall under the purview or ambit of gambling, wagering, or betting. It offers meaningful involvement in actual sports. There is no simulated gameplay. Hence, it does not fall under the purview or ambit of virtual games. The structural boundaries are distinct, and an average person who knows about fantasy sports can distinguish them.

Skills at the base of fantasy sports winnings

Fantasy sports is a game of skill, knowledge, awareness, experience, and scientific prediction. You must possess specific skills to succeed in fantasy sports contests.

  • Digital literacy and tech-savvy
  • Statistical and quantitative analysis and inference drawing
  • Awareness and knowledge of in and out of the sports
  • Knowledge and awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of real-world sportspeople
  • Knowledge of the venue, pitch, ground, audience, weather,
  • knowledge of personal events of sportspeople that can affect field performance
  • Aware of news, and sports updates, expert advice, insights, and analysis

If you have these, consider yourself cut out for fantasy sports gameplay.

Note: FSP – Fantasy Sports Platform.

Process to participate in fantasy sports

1.FSP User downloads 11 Wickets App from Play Store & Register

2.FSP User Logs into FSP platform

3.User researches on the sporting event and players to build a fantasy sports team

4.User chooses the FSP contest from the game/match lobby

5.Registers for the contest by paying the contest entry fee if it is pay-to-play/ participate contest

6.User enters the FSP contest before the stipulated entry deadline

7.User watches the match and review the performance

8.FS platform updates the user ranking and computes the leaderboard

9.At the end of the sporting event, the content result is declared. If the user meets the criteria for the winning outcome, the user receives the predefined winnings.