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6 Fantasy Football Goalkeepers With Incredible Stats and Records

World-class goalkeepers are the backbone of every real-life and successful fantasy premier league of Bangladesh’s football clubs, so who are the best to have ever manned the goal posts? Goalkeepers are frequently passed over for the more glamorised positions in the team, despite playing in possibly the most undervalued position in football. But, do they receive enough recognition for one of the hardest jobs on the field that calls for focus, calm, and the ability to make saves at any given time during a game? Numerous goalies have displayed exceptional talent between the pipes before going dark after a season or two. But there have been numerous top performers who have regularly displayed excellent work season after season.

In this article, we present you with a list of some of the best goalkeepers in the history of football who made some mind-boggling goal saves.

Jan Tomaszewski

Jan Tomaszewski, who will always be remembered for his amazing man-of-the-match performance against England at Wembley in 1973 that kept England from earning a spot in the World Cup finals the following year, not only led his team to an unexpected third-place finish in the competition but was also chosen as the best goalkeeper in the event.

Gordon Banks

The only English goalie with a World Cup victory is Banks. Perhaps the greatest English goalie of all time, he excels in this area. He was named the second-best goalkeeper of the 20th century by the IFFHS and made 73 appearances for his nation. Sadly, he lost sight in his right eye in a car accident, which ended his career. He made an effort to return, but the catastrophe had already buried his abilities.

Angelo Peruzzi

The Juve’s and Italy’s best goalkeeper for a while in the mid to the late 1990s was Angelo Peruzzi. His shot-stopping ability and off-line anticipation were his strong suits. Sadly, he was unable to fully utilise his abilities, especially on the big stage. Despite this, Peruzzi won 3 Scudetti with Juventus and was chosen as the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year three times, second only to Gianluigi Buffon in that category. Peruzzi played in the 1996 Rome final of the Uefa Cup and the Champions League, where his exploits in the penalty shootout helped defeat the league’s defending champion Ajax.

Petr Cech

Petr Cech was arguably the greatest goalkeeper to play for Chelsea in the history of the Premier League. At Chelsea, he almost completely fulfilled his goals by winning the league, the UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League. When they won the Premier League back-to-back in 2004 and 2006, conceding only 15 and 22 goals, respectively, he was a crucial component of their victories. The maestro went for Arsenal and eventually returned to take over as technical director at Chelsea.

Manuel Neuer

As one of the rare goalkeepers who excels with the ball at their feet, Manuel Neuer is an exceptional goalie. Due to his skill with the ball, the legend was once convinced by the supporters to play in midfield. The maestro will eventually play both goalie and defender or take free-kicks if Bayern is down, usually in crucial matches. He has changed everyone’s perceptions about goalkeepers by performing admirably in the “sweeper-keeper” position.

Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas, the legendary goalkeeper for the Los Blancos, is one of the best in the world. Casillas has won every major competition, including the world cup and European championships. The Spanish goalkeeper earned many honours throughout his distinguished 16-year professional career at Real Madrid. He has always been Spain’s national team’s first-choice keeper. Later, the goalkeeper was compelled to depart Madrid, and in 2015, he eventually transferred to FC Porto.


Goalkeepers play a very important role in every match and hence, it is quite important to select the proper goalkeeper while making your team in fantasy soccer games. Most of the online fantasy cricket sites in Bangladesh also support fantasy football matches on their platform where users can participate in football matches and earn real cash prizes.

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