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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Playing Fantasy Cricket in Bangladesh

After soccer, cricket is known to be the most popular sport in the world. Cricket is widely renowned not only as a spectator sport but also as a sport to play. While nothing beats playing cricket on the field, online fantasy cricket in Bangladesh and in other parts of the world have their own allure. If you enjoy playing cricket and are a cricket enthusiast, you should definitely try out online fantasy cricket games. Fantasy cricket takes you in the middle of the action without requiring you to be present on the field. All you have to do is, pick your best team among the two teams competing in the real world.

While we enjoy playing these games, there are many times when we make mistakes that can cost us the game. So, here we will discuss five common mistakes which one can avoid during playing online fantasy cricket games.

Don’t Jump Directly for Cash Game

If you are a complete novice player in this field, it would not be wise to challenge your wits against specialists in cash games. The only method to achieve excellence is to practice. As a result, you should begin by playing a few free practise games. These will assist you in deepening your knowledge of the game and honing your talents.

Draw a Proper Plan

A good player will always have a game plan and methods in place to help them win. Choose your equipment appropriately and stick to your game strategy. This does not imply that you should mindlessly follow your strategy, instead, you should improvise as needed. Fantasy cricket is difficult and takes practice and patience, but once you do, you can master any game with the right strategy.

Always Make a Budget Before Spending Cash

Make the gameplay such that the spending strategy can be applied not just during the first few moments of the game, but through the entire game. This is among the most common missteps that must be averted. Take note of the players and how they perform. Do proper research on their current and previous series. Make a dream team by investing in competitive athletes. In this manner, you can take advantage of some of the best players who will deliver you big wins.

Know Your Players Well

It’s essential to conduct extensive research on the players you’re considering investing in. It’s not a good idea to take a player just based on his reputation. A well-known red-ball player may struggle under the pressure of T20 cricket. A good T20 player, on the other hand, can be out of form as his or her career draws to a close. The pitch may also have a significant impact on a player’s ability to perform. Green pitches might not be a good fit for a batsman who is more suited to the subcontinental pitch. As a result, before selecting your team, it is quite important to conduct a thorough study on your players.

Don’t Just Play for Money

Earning cash through fantasy apps in Bangladesh is one of the most appealing aspects of fantasy cricket leagues, but try not to play the game solely for the money. You can even try out these games for fun, excitement, and entertainment. Take pleasure in both the game and the process. Naturally, you will start winning once you begin to take the game seriously and enjoy it as it was intended.


Try to avoid the above mistakes and play the games diligently. Keep practising, and you will shine in the game in no time.